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SISVEL DVB-T2 Standard Relevant Patents

Many times license offers are sent by patent assertion entities to a plurality of potential licensees, without examining the products of the individual manufacturers more closely. In cooperation with TIPAG GmbH, IGR has analyzed in detail the patents EP2220837, EP2165494, EP2477369, DE10 2006 026 895, EP2248265, EP2254249 and EP2254250 deemed by SISVEL as DVB-T2 standard relevant. This approach saved the IGR members concerned from having to examine the license offer themselves, which would have resulted in a considerable bigger expenditure of resources.

In our opinion, the study showed on a feature-based analysis of the patent claims that none of the above-mentioned patents appears to be relevant for the decoder functionality of the DVB-T2 standard or to currently existing DVB-T2 decoders.

According to members of IGR and customers of TIPAG GmbH, they have benefited greatly from the arguments presented in the study.

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